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Delivering High Quality Software

We help you deliver high quality software efficiently, by helping you improve your technical delivery capabilities

Why work with Loupe Testware?

We're Software Testing Experts - we can help!

Software Testing is the professional we know and love. We have a proven track record of helping software delivery teams design, build and release top quality software. We help you craft and actually implement (with full commercial responsibility) efficient Test Strategies that are fit for purpose in Agile Teams practicing CI/CD and or DevOps.

We focus on solving problems as efficiently as possible!

We ARE NOT a "land and expand" type consultancy. We love helping companies deliver high quality software, by helping solve the "technical" testing challenges and helping companies improve skillsets through training. We help you do this as efficiently as we can and enable you to use any solution we put in place without us.

Our Commercials are set up to support this principle.

A flexible service

We know that resource planning and management is extremely difficult and can often feel like you're wrestling peaks and troughs in demand. 

We offer an extremely flexible service. There's no "minimum" spend for working with us, nor is there a minimum time per engagement. This can help you manage peaks and troughs in demand efficiently. 

How we engage
Laptop Work

Consultancy Services

We can provide services on a freelance, day-rate style basis, under what we call our Consultancy Services. 

Hire our experts for any length of time in a flexible engagement, from as little as 1 day, to provide advise, coach or implement solutions to solve your most technically software delivery challenges.

We find this service works well whether you are another Consultancy looking for help fulfilling work, a recruiter looking to place someone or a company looking for help directly.

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Statements of Work

We can provide testing services through Statements of Work (SoW). 

We work with you to understand your specific objectives (for free) then create a bespoke SoW to describe in detail exactly how we would deliver your objectives.

We own care of complete delivery for your objectives, from supplying and managing the workforce required, implementing work packages to reporting progress against the milestones defined in each SoW, and everything in-between.

Note - if this is the first time you are engaging with us, we'll put a Master Service Agreement (MSA) in place first!

Recent projects

These are just a few of the projects we have delivered recently. Contact us to chat through what else we have done in your industry or sector!

Image by Maximilian Weisbecker

Test Automation Framework Build

Implemented a Cucumber, Java, Maven project

We designed and built a Java, Cucumber framework from the ground up to help a client reduce regression testing time against a third party application. Our system cut testing times by over 500%. 

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