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Test Automation

Test Automation can be hard, and Test Automation that provides a Return on Investment can be even harder! It can be difficult to know where to start: from tool selection to team training, early mistakes can be costly. And after you've built something it can then quickly turn into what feels like a huge maintenance overhead. 

Thats where we can help. Automation is a passion of ours: we prioritise the right tests to automate, we write clean and maintainable code, and we run the right tests at the right time to get the feedback you really need. 

Test Strategy Consultation

Test Strategies are not just documents. There are a lot of considerations that make up a great strategy within your context.

The best Test Strategies are tailor made for your specific architectures, systems, testable interfaces, development lifecycles, skills and resources available to get you from where you are now to your target state.

We can produce the best test strategy for your specific context, and can either build the implementation ourselves, or can guide your team to implementation. 

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Test Infrastructure

Every client we've worked with has had some level of difficulty or challenge with managing their test infrastructure that impedes the overall testing effort. Whether it be the test environment not being representative of production, test data that is difficult to create, source and manage against policy, or difficulty in building the eco-system around a test automation framework (e.g. connection to source control, remote execution, availability of different browsers or os versions, connection to a reporting database etc..). 

We can help you tackle these problems, using the latest tools and techniques to ensure you are able to create test infrastructure, inclusive of test data, a test reporting capability and any supporting libraries or serviced needed to execute the right test, which delivers results with the minimum maintenance overhead and the fastest run times.


We are passionate about cloud architecture because it opens up so many capabilities to improve drastically improve the test infrastructure you use. We have experience in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) platforms. 

Mocking as a Service

Our ability to safely and quickly test small changes or independent features is often impeded and sometimes absolutely restricted by dependencies within the test environment, particularly when those dependencies are on a third party system that we have no control over.  

We can help you overcome this problem by building and packaging fully functioning 'mock' services for you to deploy in your test environments, increasing the speed at which you can develop, test and safely deploy releases.


We have experience working across complex and distributed cloud architectures from sectors as diverse as Finance to Academic Publishing, and can build flexible mock services to suit your needs and reduce your test runtimes for good.

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