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Our Services

We can help you with your hardest Quality Assurance challenges. 

How do we get faster feedback?

How do we find issues sooner?

How do we increase coverage efficiently?

Our partner clients can use this service to schedule regular sessions to work on strategy, get help with hiring or interviewing or to parachute us in on a particular technical challenge. If you’re currently focussed on improving quality but would benefit from a guiding hand we tailor this service to suit you.


We structure this service as 1-2 days of retained time weekly, fortnightly or monthly over 6 and 12 month terms.


If you have a high priority project or product in development you can benefit from embedding one of our engineers in that team.

A Loupe Testware consultant is an engineer with highly valuable technical skills and experience.  We can show and tell what we do to assist with the growth of knowledge and skills in your organisation


We structure this agreement as a number of sprints depending on the duration of the project or product under development.



A lighthouse project is an excellent way to rapidly accelerate your quality improvement journey. We ask you to unblock our path and trust us. In return we implement a gleaming example of current best practice for people, process and tooling. The lighthouse project serves as a proof of concept, proof of technology and educational statement for all stakeholders to see. Then we can partner to help you scale it.


We structure this agreement as a fixed price, fixed scope project following a short period of analysis.

Why is our maintenance so high?

Which tools do we invest time in?

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