Statements of Work

What is a Statement of Work?

We like to think of a Statement of Work (SoW) as being a powerful communication tool that helps to clarify project objectives and detail exactly how they will be delivered, by us, and will typically include (but is not strictly limited to) the following;

  • An Introduction

  • Purpose

  • Scope

  • Working Location and available hours

  • Tasks

  • Objectives and or Milestones

  • Deliverables (with dates)

  • Schedule

  • Acceptance Criteria

  • Pre-requisites

  • Payment & Invoicing details

Good news if you are considering implications of IR35, as this type of engagement is neither "Inside" nor "Outside" IR35, it's Not Applicable!

Note - whilst the Loupe SoW is a document with significant commercial importance, it is not in itself the legal contract. The legal contract we use is called a Master Service Agreement, which details all the legal terms and conditions of our relationship. This is the document provides the legal framework for which we can work together safely and professionally.

When would you engage us using a Statement of Work?

We will engage using a Statement of Work for any size piece of work. The importance here is that it is work that is suited to being outsourced to a third party expert like Loupe Testware.

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