Our Approach

We have 3 step approach to our engagements to, ensuring that we actually help you solve a problem and provide a benefit.

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Implementation Planning


The first step we do in any engagement is to discover your unique problem, talking with you and asking the right questions to make sure we appreciate the context you operate in, the problem you need to solve and benefit you will gain.

We'll work with you to quickly frame so some solution options, whether that be training, production of a strategy, building of a bespoke automation framework or another solution to fit your context. Generally this will look like a Statement of Work, detailing specific objectives, deliverables and the measures to be used to know when we have success.

Young People - Meeting With Computers


The second step we take is to help you actually implement the agreed deliverables. We understand, things can (will) rapidly change on projects. Thats why we have an agile commercial approach to our engagements, allowing us quickly to change what we do based on your priorities, giving you control over what deliverables we work on based on your needs in the context of the moment. 

Whether we are embedded within a project team, working remotely and or working totally on our own, we'll keep you updated regularly through conversations backed up with data driven reports.

Successful Work Team

Measure & Succeed

The final step in our engagement approach is to ensure you are set up for success. We will make sure the right measures are in place, with data captured on the value delivered through implementing the project.

We'll hand over any Testware produced, conduct any training needed and regularly check in to help ensure your Return on Investment.

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