Consultancy Services

Firstly we think it's worth putting out stake in the ground and be transparent as to why and when you would outsource work on a Consultancy basis to a company like ours.  We think its when you need help to find solutions to specific problems that you don't have either the time, skills or experience to solve on your own.

We know working with Consultancies can seem expensive and carries perceived risks around becoming depending on a organisation or people not on your payroll, to name but two risks.

This is why we would only recommend you use our consultancy services for short, sharp and specific pieces of work, that you cannot do to the highest standard on your own!

What are Loupe's Consultancy Services?

Our Consultancy Services are designed with the principle above in mind. As Consultants, we will work with you to find solutions to the problems you have. This will involve one (or more if absolutely needed) of the Loupe Team working with you to identify the root cause(s) of the problems you have identified, and give you detailed written list of recommendations as to how to implement the solution.

The kind of problems and challenges we have vast experience solving are;

  • Testing cycles are too long, they are slowing down project delivery

  • We don't have the skillset in house to design, build and maintain a valuable and reliable Test Automation Framework

  • No one on the organisation appreciates the value of Test Automation - it means I cannot get the funding I need for my team or project

  • Should I implement a Test Automation Strategy - what will the ROI be?

  • Our organisations wants to move to a DevOps model and implement a CI/CD based software delivery model. How does this impact the people, process and tooling considerations I have to make within my team?

What can I expect  during then as an outcome from a Loupe Consultancy Engagement?

A typical Loupe Consultancy engagement consists of three key actives

  1. Clarifying and fully understanding the problem statement

  2. Fact finding around the current state of situation, whether that be technical capability or a review of your current software delivery lifecycle

  3. Creation of a detailed report

As an outcome from a Loupe Consultancy engagement, you can expect a detailed, written recommendation, that will typically include;

  • An Executive Summary 

  • A clear, concise easy to understand description of the Problem Statement

  • Root Cause

  • Our Recommended Solution(s), with detailed rationale and context to clearly articulate the decision making process leading to these recommendations

  • Proposed Next Steps

For added context on our approach, our recommendations will be what we believe best for you, to help you solve your problem, whether we think you have all the time and expertise to solve a problem on your own, or whether you should consider engaging with Loupe Testware in a Statement of Work to deliver the recommended solution.

How do I get started?

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